Photo:  Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images Bailey's time in DC was cherished by the fans. Does that mean the Redskins should bring him back?

Photo: Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images
Bailey’s time in DC was cherished by the fans. Does that mean the Redskins should bring him back?

Champ Bailey is about to be released by the Broncos.

Many are suggesting that the Redskins bring him in to help bolster the secondary either as a corner or a safety. Is this the right move for the Redskins or even a good move?

So, should the the Redskins bring in former ‘Skins 1st rounder (1999) and future Hall of Fame player Champ Bailey?

Here’s my opinion on the the topic. They don’t represent the opinions of the other writers here at Son of Washington (or maybe they do?).

NO! HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously folks.

I know Redskin fans love to remember the past and I know we love to look at every free agent as “the key” to get to the next Super Bowl, but it makes no sense to bring in Bailey.


I know what you might be thinking:

“But Al, it’s Champ Bailey! Sure, he might not be a great corner anymore, but he is willing to convert to safety and the Redskins need two safeties.”

Then sign a safety. Sign two or draft a player. I can see if EJ Biggers or D. Hall had to play safety last year out of necessity because Doughty can’t cover well, Meriweather was hurt or suspended and the other safeties were either hurt or too raw to play, but with a decent free agent safety market and a few draftable players, why not go that route?

Photo: Joe Amon/Denver Post Bailey has struggled with injuries and age in Denver.

Photo: Joe Amon/Denver Post
Bailey has struggled with injuries and age in Denver.

You’re asking an oft-injured 36 yr. old (he’ll be 36 in June) corner to convert to a new position on a new team where he has to learn a new defensive scheme as well. That only spells trouble and would be a sign that the Redskins haven’t learned jack about free agency since the 90’s.

Remember past regimes. The Redskins have been notorious for trying to get a square peg in a round hole. It happened to JKC’s time as owner but was shown repeatedly during Snyder’s tenure as well.

“But Al, we need to make things right with Champ and have him retire as a Redskin!”

Again, why? That was 10 years ago. Do you think that Bailey is going to enter Canton as a Redskin? Bailey was right, leaving the Redskins was the best thing that happened to him in both salary and making a name for himself. Heck, Champ may not want to come back to DC even if the Redskins (typically) would over pay for him.

Since Champ left, the Redskins have done the following things: Had four coaching changes, gone through eight different quarterbacks, went to the playoffs three times, won the NFCE and have had many, many horrific seasons. So again, why the desire to bring him back? Champ has moved on. The Redskins have moved on. It’s time for the fans and some of the media to move on as well.

Hopefully, the Redskins will focus on players who can help the team now and in the future instead of dwelling on the past and trying to placate or fix past mistakes.

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