Redskins Name Controversy; Snyder goes on record

Snyder: “We’re not an issue”

In the latest development surrounding the Redskins name controversy, Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder has gone on the record to state that “We understand the issues out there, and we’re not an issue.”

In a rare public appearance where Snyder agreed to talk to the press, he went to bat to defend the recently formed Redskins non-profit to benefit Native Americans, called ‘The Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation’.



Good intentions

Snyder is referencing the recent visits he and staff have made to Native American reservations to understand the issues Native Americans are facing. After meeting with the tribes and hearing their concerns, the decision was made by Snyder to form the foundation. The foundation already has several projects already underway.

Throwing money at the problem?

Snyder declined to comment when reporters asked about the naysayers who think the foundation is simply throwing money at a problem in hopes it will go away.

“I think it tells you that we did our homework — unlike a lot of people”, Snyder concluded.

The Oneida response



Not to be outdone, Ray Halbritter of the Oneida Nation had something to say in response. A whole lot of something, actually. “If Dan Snyder thinks it is acceptable for a billionaire to market, promote and profit off of a dictionary defined racial slur, then he’s living in an alternate universe,” Halbritter said. “If he wants to focus on reality, here’s a reality check: the longer he insists on slurring Native Americans, the more damage he will keep doing to Native American communities, and the more he will become synonymous with infamous segregationist George Preston Marshall, who originally gave the team this offensive name.”

A long battle

One thing is certain, neither of these two men will go down without a fight. The conclusion is not likely to come anytime soon as both men continue to dig in deeper, holding their positions, and telling the world about it at every opportunity.

Halbritter is becoming a squeaky wheel in that we have heard it before and we are getting more used to it.  But larger issues loom for Snyder.

Cause for concern?

What may be of more concern is that senators are now reaching out to him to ask him to change the name, and the Trademark Office is now rejecting applications with the word ‘Redskins’ calling the word derogatory.

When the purse strings are hit, this story just might take a different turn.

For now, the saga goes on…


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7 Responses

  1. Stan the oldest RedSkin fan

    We are the Washington REDSKINS – Get over it you bunch brainless morons. He will change our name when the Cleveland BROWNS .or the BLACK Hawks change their names

      • OldestRedSkinFan

        Yes,you are missing something. It offends no one!!!!!

  2. D

    the Packers are an offensive name we should change that too and why we are at it we should change the (Black) Panthers name. Where does the nonsense end?

  3. Rob

    How about the Cleveland Indians changing their name? That is more offensive than Redskins. Even their mascot is poking fun at Native Americans. Instead the media is so focused on jumping on a team full of pride and tradition that has a mascot that honors those in which it stands for. It was designed by and named by a Native American. As partial Native American myself, I am honored at the name and proud to be a Redskin and Redskin fan.

    • Jacob

      The Cleveland Indians name is not more offensive than Redskin, thats just ridiculous. Redskin is a slur. Indian is not. People are calling for Cleveland to change their name also, but obviously more emphasis is put on the Redskins because it a slur from the start.


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