Talib Telemetry: Redskins interested in Aqib Talib



The Aqib Talib rumors are a-swirling, aren’t they?

As much as the Redskins would like their free agent dealings to occur in a vacuum, that’s just about impossible. Call it telemetry via internet. Now the whole world knows the Redskins are interested in Aqib Talib.

NFL teams can contact players prior to the official onset of free agency. This means the Redskins (and every other team) were legally authorized as early as Saturday to call any player they coveted.

If you believe the rumors–and in this day and age, rumors become fact once they’re online, naturally–the Redskins measured Aqib Talib’s interest in coming to Washington over the weekend, or so the story goes. Heck, they even have a contract in place and they’re embroidering his name on the back of Redskins jerseys as we speak, in preparation for this:

Talib with Gruden

I read it on the internet. It has to be true, right? This can’t just be a smoke screen, or a plant from Talib’s agent to drive his price up, could it?

Naaaahhhhhhhh. That never happens.


Of course, what makes the Redskins interested in Aqib Talib is pretty simple. There’s probably a good deal of truth to this whole thing.

It all makes sense. The Redskins need help in the secondary like Paula Dean needs to lay off the butter. The Redskins have wanted Talib ever since he was on the trade block in Tampa a couple years back. Then there are the Raheem Morris and Bruce Allen connections.

Redskins interested in Aqib Talib, according to several media reports.
Redskins interested in Aqib Talib, according to several media reports.

It’s a match made in heaven, right? Well…

Now that at least $11.5 million of the 2014 salary cap is going to Brian Orakpo, there’s not quite so much cash floating around. The Redskins have two holes at inside linebacker to fill, not to mention wide receiver, safety, and potentially defensive line, too.

Oh, and they need a punter. And a kick returner.

That’s about as many holes as it takes to fill the Albert Hall. I’d love to turn you on to the notion that Bruce Allen can work some kind of magic that won’t take its toll. But the truth is, Talib wants to get paid in full.

What does that mean, exactly? Take a look at Sam Shields’ deal. Shields has set the market by re-signing with the Packers for $39 million over four years. In today’s NFL, this is what top cornerbacks make.

If the Redskins sign Aqib Talib, that will probably be another $8-$10 million off this years cap, unless the contract is heavily backloaded.

Maybe Talib will give the Redskins a discount because he wants to play for Raheem Morris that badly (not bloody likely).


Will the real Aqib Talib please stand up?

Is it the Talib who shuts down opposing teams’ best WRs on a regular basis? Or the one who caught the injury bug in the playoffs two years in a row (directly leading to the Patriots demise both times)?

Is it the Talib who has been free of knucklehead syndrome under Bill Belichick? Or the guy who was indicted on felony charges for pistol-whipping a sex offender with a 9mm, and then firing a couple of shots at him with his mom’s gun later that same evening? (File that under “weird story”.)

Is it the Talib who has managed to steer clear of Rodger Goodell’s urine sample gestapo for the past 16 months? Or the guy who was suspended four games in 2012 for *ahem* taking Adderall? (Ah yes, the old Adderall excuse…the drug suspension version of “My Twitter account was hacked”.)

Or the guy who got in a fist fight with his own teammate at the rookie symposium…or the guy who beat the snot out of a taxi driver for no apparent reason…

Talib MNF graphic

Listen – we’ve all probably had many a temptation to unleash the dragon against sex offenders and taxi drivers alike. But you know what separates the people in prison from the people hosting a backyard BBQ this weekend? Flying off the handle every time someone pisses you off VS. realizing you’ll get arrested if you actually do the stupid s*** that’s in your head.

Past performance is usually a pretty good indicator of future results. Do you really want to give this guy ten million bucks a year?

I’ve taken a measurement of Aqib Talib. I’m sending the results back via internet to the Redskins, and here’s the message: once you make your bed, you have to sleep in it.

You can’t rest easy with Talib.

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  1. I agree. Talib is a questionmark off the field and sometimes on it.

    We need to be going after a good safety and a nickel corner.

    We should have no problem with Amerson being one of our starting corners this year.

    The key is to having a good to great coverage safety behind Hall and Amerson to make plays on the back end.

    We need to spend $ and our first few draft picks on the DL & ILB.

    If we don’t get at least one upgrade on the DL – preferably two and re-sign Riley, another ILB or two and draft one.

    This defense is never going to be better!

    I’ve always felt it’s easier to build a top 10 Defense than a top 10 offense.

    You can build/rebuild your defense quite easily through middle of the road free agents and draft picks.

    The same usually can’t be said of an offense.

    For the offense if look for a middle of the road WR like Emmanuel Sanders, Andre Roberts etc and grab a few OL in free agency.

    In round 4-7 I’d be looking to draft a WR with special teams skills and some more OL to develop.


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