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  1. Stan the oldest RedSkin fan

    I don’t understand your statement: “If Robert will let him.” RG3, from what I hear, is constantly taking advice from his coach. It seems to me that Rg3 and our new coach are getting along just fine. Where am I wrong?

    • It’s early Stan. Of course everyone is doing and saying all the right things now, and maybe it will stay that way. I hope so. But let’s see how this team — and RG3 in particular — responds to a little adversity before we declare everything to be rainbows and unicorns between teacher and pupil.

  2. Personally, I loved the RG3 omission. Let him and the Redskins slide under everybodies radar.

    I too noticed the slight from, but it motivated me. I’m sure Robert noticed the omission and will be looking to serve humble pie himself.

    Hail to the Redskins!

  3. Robert Crocker

    Has anyone noticed the 1 thing ALL those QBs had last yr that our RG3 didn’t ?
    Any QB will make mistakes when trying to force a win More so if he only has ! weapon
    With the additions at receiver & return to health of a Real threat at TE We should be able to stay close enough that RG3 won’t feel the need to force a win in the first quarter this yr
    I believe the D will be Better not top 10 but not bottom 10 either
    If we can manage the same from ST {Fingers Crossed & Prayers Asending}
    The Vast improvement to the Offence Should translate into WINS & RG3 being recognized as the Best in that bunch of young QBs

  4. OlSkool1972

    Correction. My Way Mike has been fired from 3 Head Coaching Jobs. Don’t forget about his adventures with the Raiders back in the 80s.


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